Calendar not showing events in other month

Calendar not showing events in other month

On this page we are using the Calendarize it! shortcode with the attribute showothermonth, which was introduced in version 3.3.4 of Calendarize it!

You can use this with a integer value 1 or 0.

This feature can be used if you do not want to show events  in other months than the current. Normally the Month View of the Calendar always shows a few days of the previous month and a few days of the next month, and by using the value 0 you can hide events that are not in the current month.

[calendarizeit showothermonth="0"]

It is not necessary to add the attribute and value 1 if you want to show events in other months, as the Calendarize it! shortcode does this by default. However if you use the attribute in your shortcode you don’t need to completely remove the attribute, you can simply “turn it off” by changing the value to 1.

[calendarizeit showothermonth="1"]