Calendar with Week View List

Calendar with Week View List

On this page we are using the Calendarize it! shortcode with the attribute WeekViewList, which was introduced in version 3.4.5 of Calendarize it! This is a new default view that can be used with the Calendarize it! shortcode.

This feature can be used if you want to show an Event View List, but instead of the default Monthly list, this will only show events week by week.

We have added some additional attributes in order to overwrite the default values in the Options > Calendarize Shortcode (Event View List section). It is necessary to use the value “0” to turn off these features. If they are turned on in the default settings the shortcode will not work properly.

We have added the attribute feed=”0″ in order not to load events from External Event Sources. And we have added the attributes for configuring the left header and right header navigation. In this case we have removed the value rhc_event from the header right navigation in order not to load the default Monthly Event List View. We have also removed the rhc_search from the header left navigation.

[calendarizeit defaultview="WeekEventList" eventlistoutofrange="0" eventliststack="0" eventlistauto="0" feed="0" header_left="prevYear,prev,next,nextYear today" header_center="title" header_right="month,agendaWeek,agendaDay"]