Events Year View

Events Year View for Calendarize it!

In the example below, we have used our new Events Year View add-on and Taxonomy Filter add-on.

If you want to add the default navigation to the Events Year View and switch between Year View, Month View, Week View, Day View and List View use the following attributes: header_left and header_right.

The shortcode will look like this

The shortcode below will show the Events Year View with the Taxonomy Filter (drop down).

[calendarizeit defaultview="rhc_year" feed="0" header_left="prevYear nextYear btn_tax_calendar,btn_tax_organizer" header_center="title" header_right="btn_tax_country, btn_tax_state" tax_filter_multiple="0"]

You can add the attribute tax_filter_multiple. By default, the value is “1”. If set to “0” in Taxonomy drop down filters, only one value can be selected, not multiple.