Events Grid View using Maximum Events Attribute (requires add-on)

Events Grid View using Maximum Events Attribute (requires add-on)

On this page, we have added the Events Grid View add-on for Calendarize it! It is a responsive grid gallery that uses Masonry for grid and 3D transforms for navigating the items. You can create cool looking grid view for your events.

You can overwrite any of the default values set in the Options menu by adding any of the following attributes.

grid_delta: This attribute specifies how many days worth of events to bring per ajax load. Adjust this depending on how dense events are on your site. Sites with a lot of events will use a lesser value to avoid long load time.

grid_animonscroll: This attributes set the animation type. Choose between 8 different. (effect-1, effect-2, effect-3, effect-4, effect-5, effect-6, effect-7, effect-8)

grid_autoload: This attribute takes the values “0” or “1”. Add “1” if you want to automatically load more events as you scroll to the bottom of the page. Add “0” if you do not want to automatically load additional events as you scroll.

grid_enableslideshow: This attribute takes the values “0” or “1”.  Add the value “0” if you want to disable loading the slideshow feature when clicking an item in the Event Grid View.

grid_nolink:  This attribute takes the values “0” or “1”. Add the value “0” to disable the link to the Event Details Page.

grid_link_target: This attribute takes the values “_self” or “_blank”. It allows you to set the target of the Event Details Page.

grid_classes: You can hide individual elements by adding one or multiple of the following values: hide_grid_title hide_grid_description hide_grid_gridviewbox hide_grid_image hide_slide_title hide_slide_description hide_slide_gridviewbox hide_slide_image

max_events: You can limit the number of events that are showing in the Event Grid View by adding this attribute. If you use this attribute you should NOT use the grid_delta attribute at the same time. This attribute takes an integer value.

upcoming: Add this attribute with the value “1” to show upcoming events.

btn_tax_calendar: This attribute adds the Calendar drop-down button from the Taxonomy Filter add-on. The values depend on the Taxonomies you have created.

In the example below, we have added the following shortcode. Please notice when using the max_events attribute you should not use the grid_delta at the same time.

[calendarizeit defaultview="rhc_grid" feed="0" icalendar="0" header_left="" header_right="" grid_animonscroll="effect-8" grid_link_target="_blank" max_events="3" upcoming="1" grid_autoload="0" grid_delta="180" grid_enableslideshow="0" taxonomy="state" terms="california-ca"]