Events Map View with Geolocation argument (requires add-on)

Events Map View with Geolocation attribute (requires add-on)

This map uses a Geo Location argument in the Shortcode, which will center the map over the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

You can add the following attributes

gmap_zoom: It takes an integer value from “1” to “20“.

gmap_geolocated: If you add latitude and longitude to the shortcode you should use the value “0” to disable the geolocation.

gmap_default_lat: Add the latitude coordinates for the location.

gmap_default_lng: Add the longitude coordinates for the location.

icalendar: It takes an integer value of “0” or “1“. Using “0” will hide the ical button.

[calendarizeit defaultview="rhc_gmap" gmap_zoom="16" gmap_geolocated="0" gmap_default_lat="48.85837" gmap_default_lng="2.294481" feed="0" icalendar=“0” header_left="rhc_search prevYear,prev,next,nextYear today" header_center="title" header_right="month,agendaWeek,agendaDay,rhc_event rhc_gmap"]

Please notice that you do not need to add the header_left, header_center and header_right unless  you want to customize the navigation. By default the shorcode has the rhc_gmap, which will show the Map. However by adding the three attributes you can customize the navigation to your liking.