Different Calendar Views (EventStackList)

Different Calendar Views (EventStackList)

In the Options Panel of Calendarize It! you can set the global default view for the calendar you are inserting on your website. However you can also manipulate the view by using Shortcodes with some advanced attributes.

Lets say you want to insert a Event List and only show events 7 days ahead at a time, and you do not want the left header and right header default navigation to show.

In version 2.9 of Calendarize it! we have introduced Event List Stacking. This is a feature that allow you to only load a pre-set number of events and then when you scroll to the bottom it will load additional events until there is no more.

The following attributes can be used for the Event List Stack:

  • eventlistdelta: this will allow you to set how many days ahead you want to show
  • eventliststack: this will load additional events at the bottom of the Event List without reloading the page
  • eventlistauto: this will allow for automatic load of additional events when you scroll to the bottom. If you set this to “1” it will auto load. If you set this to “0” you will have to click the arrow to load additional events.
  • eventlistscrolloffset: this is the number of pixels that will determine when to load additional events. If you use a negative value it will load events before you reach the bottom. If you use a positive value it will load events when you reach the bottom
[calendarizeit defaultview="rhc_event" feed="0" eventlistdelta="7" eventliststack="1" eventlistauto="1" eventlistscrolloffset="-25" header_left="" header_center="" header_right="" eventlistupcoming="0" eventlistmonthsahead="" eventlist_display=""]

You can easily configure the navigation. In the Options Panel in the Calendarize Shortcode tab you will find the default values. If you insert the shortcode above the left and right navigation and center title will not be shown.