Calendar with Hidden Weeks

Calendar with Hidden Weeks

On this page we are using the Calendarize it! shorcode with the attribute left_trim_date and right_trim_date, which was introduced in version of Calendarize it!

You can use both attributes with an integer value from 1 to 28.

This feature can be used to trim the Month View. If there are certain weeks you would like to hide from the Month View. You can use each of the attributes separately or together. The weeks that contain the added dates will be included in the Month View.

Please notice if you use these attributes you can not set the Week Mode in the Options menu to Fixed. It must be Variable or Liquid.

[calendarizeit feed="0" left_trim_date="13" right_trim_date="26"]
[calendarizeit feed="0" left_trim_date="13"]

You can login and take the plugin for a test drive before you decide whether to buy it or not.

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