Different Calendar Views

Different Calendar Views

In the Options Panel of Calendarize It! you can set the global default view for the calendar you are inserting on your website.

You can overwrite the default settings in the Options menu, by adding attributes to your shortcode. Below we have created the most basic views for you.

Default Month View

[calendarizeit feed=0 defaultview="month"]

Basic Week View

[calendarizeit feed=0 defaultview="basicWeek"]

Basic Day View

[calendarizeit feed=0 defaultview="basicDay"]

Agenda Week View

[calendarizeit feed=0 defaultview="agendaWeek"]

Agenda Day View

[calendarizeit feed=0 defaultview="agendaDay"]

Event List View

[calendarizeit feed=0 defaultview="rhc_event" eventlistupcoming="1" eventlistmonthsahead="0"]