Specific Calendar

Specific Calendar

Calendarize It! makes it possible for you to display individual calendars in WordPress by adding two attributes to the shortcode.

The Shortcode below will insert the Calendar and only display events from the “Spartan Races” calendar. It is important that you use the “slug” and not the Name of the calendar.

[calendarizeit taxonomy="calendar" terms="spartan-races"]

You can also add the argument directly in the URL if you have added the argument in the Options Panel (General Settings). Try and copy and paste the URL below into your browser. It will only show Events from the calendar “Colored Events (Purple)”.


And you can place multiple arguments directly in the URL. This will only load events from the Venue “Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe” and in the Month “September 2020”.


The calendar below uses the following shortcode

[calendarizeit feed=0 taxonomy="calendar" terms="spartan-races" gotodate="2020-09-01"]

You can login and take the plugin for a test drive before you decide whether to buy it or not.

Username: DemoUser
Password: TryMeNow