Copenhagen Street Dog Championships


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You may have thought hot dogs were only for the summertime. But then again, you may have thought hot dogs should only have ketchup. Bah! The hot dogs you will be tasting are GOURMET CREATIONS, crafted by searching high and low for the ultimate hot dog recipe concoctions, with just a touch of Danish perfectionism and of course our COPENHAGEN STREET DOG.

You vote for the creations at Jimmy’s No. 43 and DECIDE THE ULTIMATE WINNER of the Winter Hot Dog Championship.

Let’s be real: for most, the blissfully ignorant days of loving the classic American hot dog are over. Because, well, we just don’t know what’s in those things. But rather than picking up an impostor in the health food aisle, why not turn to Denmark: a country equally enamored with traditional casual sausages.

The difference between the two? The Danish pølse, as it’s called, is made up of natural pork (mixed with spices like nutmeg and cardamom), stuffed into a natural lamb casing and smoked over beechwood. (And, they actually snap with your first bite.)

What’s that sound? It is the sound of quality meat sizzling on a grill, just seconds before erupting with savory juices. It is the sound of that first bite into a natural casing sausage, right before that anticipated flavor bursts into your mouth.

Is it a hot dog? No, it is a pølse, and calling it a hot dog is like calling prosciutto a lunch meat. It’s a juicy, beechwood smoked sausage with sweet and savory spices that snaps at the first bite, and melts in your mouth. It is the original sausage of Denmark, using old-world sausage making techniques and all-natural ingredients. It is similar to what a hot dog used to be, and definitely what hot dog should be.

Taste our Copenhagen street food at our next pop-up event, and get our Copenhagen Street Dog pølser in a store near you!