WordCamp London

WordCamp London 2017

What is WordCamp London?

WordCamp London is a community volunteer organized WordPress event running for the fifth year since 2013. It’s aimed at anybody who uses, builds or simply has an interest in WordPress; including bloggers, designers, developers, and end-users. We warmly welcome all levels of experience from beginners through to professionals and all ages.

With three tracks over two days, WordCamp London ensures there is ample opportunity for all WordPress lovers to come together to share knowledge and discuss ideas; as well as a third day where attendees can kindly volunteer their time to contribute back to the project, and meet with the other likeminded people who make WordPress incredible.

We also host an official social for all the attendees between the two conference days and sponsorship/budget pending; we aim to have lovely swag for our participants to take home.

Please notice this is a demo event to showcase events in Calendarize it!

WordCamp London 2017
166-220 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DB, UK