Revolving Dansk LLC


As with most Brooklynites, we had a dream to serve our street food to the masses. We had mused about serving Danish hot dogs on several occasions, but it wasn’t until we shared our idea with a local Carroll Garden’s restaurant who welcomed our idea that we knew that we had to share our pølse love.

Less than one month later (July 21st, 2013), we found a way to produce pølser locally and had our first Danish hot dog event. It seemed that Danes, hot dog lovers, and especially hot-dog-loving Danes were very excited to finally have a Danish dog in New York. From that day forward, we knew that this was our mission in life. We must bring the Danish pølse to the United States. Since then, we have hosted our hot dogs at many large events, paired with celebrity chefs, held private events, and peddled our pølser at street fairs throughout the New York City area. We have also paired up with a local, heritage breed, free-range pig farm, and started our very own production of pølser. We are proud to be executing our mission, and bringing our love of Danish hot dogs to you!