🐾 Join us for Paw-some Fun at the Golden Retriever Meetup! 🐾

Calling all Golden Retrievers and their paw-rents! Get ready for a tail-wagging good time at our bi-weekly Golden Retriever meetup at the Doggy Beach in Evanston, IL.

🌊 Where: Doggy Beach, Evanston, IL 📅 When: Every 2 Weeks 🕒 Time: [Specify Start Time]

Bring your furry best friend for a golden opportunity to socialize, play, and make new fur-iends in a beautiful beach setting. Let your Goldens splash in the waves, chase tennis balls in the sand, and enjoy a sunny day of canine camaraderie.

Whether your Golden is a seasoned socialite or a first-time beachgoer, this meetup is open to dogs of all ages and their loving families. It’s a paw-ty you won’t want to miss!

Don’t forget to bring: 🐾 Leash and collar 🐾 Water and bowl for your pup 🐾 Your Golden’s favorite toys for beach games.

So mark your calendars, pack sunscreen, and join the Golden Retriever fun at Doggy Beach. Let’s make memories, share laughter, and celebrate the golden spirit together!

See you there with wagging tails and sandy paws! 🌟🐶🏖️

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🐾 Join us for Paw-some Fun at the Golden Retriever Meetup! 🐾