Upcoming Events Widget in Page

Available from Calendarize-it version 1.2.7 you can now insert the upcoming events widget into a the page or post content via shortcode.

All arguments are optional.

number: number of events to display
fcdate_format: the date format. you can generate this from the date format options tool.
fctime_format: the time format.
post_type: if left blank it takes the events post type. if you are calendarizing a diferent post type specify it here, example post, or page.
template: the template model to use. possible values are widget_upcoming_events.php, widget_upcoming_events_a.php, widget_upcoming_events_a1.php, widget_upcoming_events_agenda_b.php, widget_upcoming_events_agenda_b1.php
calendar: a calendar slug, it will limit the output to events from this taxonomy.
venue: a venue slug.
organizer: an organizer slug.
words: max number of words to display in the description.
horizon: day or hour. If choosing day it will remove the events until the next day.
showimage: 1 or 0. Choose 1 to display the featured image.
loading_method: server or ajax. On some situations choosing server may delay page loading, choose ajax to render the content after page is loaded.
auto: 1 or 0. If choosing 1, the widget will automatically display events related to the loaded page, if you are for example loading the calendar archive, it will then show events from that particular calendar.
premiere: 1 or 0. Choosing 1 will only display the first instance of a recurring event.
calendar_url: fill this with a page where you have setup the calendarizeit shortcode so that links will take you to this page instead of linking to the event page.
taxonomy: enter the name of the category you want to display. You can enter 1 taxonomy and multiple “slugs”
terms: enter the name of the slug you want to display.

You can login and take the plugin for a test drive before you decide whether to buy it or not.

Username: DemoUser
Password: TryMeNow


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[sws_shortcode width=”100%” float=”left” class=”sws_blue”] [/sws_shortcode] [sws_divider_padding]


[sws_shortcode width=”100%” float=”left” class=”sws_blue”] [/sws_shortcode] [sws_divider_padding]


[sws_shortcode width=”100%” float=”left” class=”sws_blue”] [/sws_shortcode] [sws_divider_padding]


[sws_shortcode width=”100%” float=”left” class=”sws_blue”] [/sws_shortcode]  [sws_divider_padding]

widget_upcoming_events_a1.php without image

[sws_shortcode width=”100%” float=”left” class=”sws_blue”] [/sws_shortcode]  [sws_divider_padding]


[sws_shortcode width=”100%” float=”left” class=”sws_green”] [/sws_shortcode]  [sws_divider_padding]

widget_upcoming_events.php (specific Venue)

[sws_shortcode width=”100%” float=”left” class=”sws_blue”] [/sws_shortcode]  [sws_divider_padding]


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